There is way to re-connect with your body...a way that honours, matches and then raises your fitness


Restore Your Body Health Retreats
Javea, Spain - Returning Spring 2018

With Lifestyle & Movement Coach

Danny Bridgeman

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Have you been intending to focus on your body?

Are you looking to improve your vitality?

But not sure where to start?

It is not uncommon to feel a disconnect with your body.

Stress, unhealthy habits and a sedentary lifestyle take their toll.
Your weight creeps up, your joints start to ache and your energy levels drop.
Or atleast you want to prevent those qualities.

My job is to guide you safely into developing a body that feels strong, supportive and supple...a body that you can enjoy.

No matter what, your body can change and the journey doesn't have to be a slog.

It's time to step on a new path...a path to health and happiness.
Let respect, appreciation and care for your body, be the way in. 

We will cover all 6 categories of my exercise & lifestyle programme



Yes, even a tight body can change. It may take time, but given the right environment and education, your body will recognise what optimal movement feels like.

When you're more supple, your strength training improves, your body is less achey and you have better posture.

It is all about finding a balance and learning how to address your individual limitations.

Every day on retreat we spend time learning and practicing gentle yet effective suppleness and mobility techniques.



To become strong, you don't need a gym or even dumb-bells. You simply need to train slowly, have good form and include your whole body.

On this retreat you will learn a variety of exercises to develop a strong and functional body.

Exercises that you can easily do at home or office.

You can then enjoy great posture, become better at your sport and enjoy life's physical challenges.

Effective exercise combines science, natural movement and inner wisdom


Introducing MIND-BODY-HIIT.

This is speed based training that is fun, fast and effective. I will guide you safely to the appropriate intensity.

It's all about finding your speed and accessing your power.

You will learn how to continue on your own when you return home.

Get cardio training right and not only are you supporting your heart health, but you'll have the energy you need to sail through life.

All fitness levels will be catered for.

Daily Life

Introducing LIFE IN FLOW

The way you move in daily life can be part of your body conditioning.

Move well, and you massage, nourish, tone and hydrate your body. Move poorly and you create little bits of tension.

At various times throughout the retreat you will explore your best neutral posture. This can be applied to desk sitting, driving, standing, walking and even sport.

We will also learn the theory and practice of lifting heavy objects, efficient gait and anything you want to learn about functional movement in your own life.

Most importantly of all, you get to look inside, reflect and reset


Introducing MIND & PEACE

Taking 20 or 30 minutes out of your day to simply be can make a huge impact to your stress levels.

Throughout the retreat, especially first and last thing, we take time to be still and find inner peace through a variety of relaxation and meditation practices.

It's an important time where you get to nourish your body and let tension become a thing of the past. 

You might find yourself questioning your limiting beliefs as you enjoy an exploratory journey from control to trust.

Presence becomes your guide.

Healthy Eating

 Introducing SMART EATING

Not only will you enjoy delicious, satisfying and healthy food, but you will learn how to make it when you're back home.

You will leave with many recipe ideas...and yes this includes raw chocolate!

All meals are included.

Let this retreat be a re-boot of your system and a re-charge of your batteries

More About The Retreats

4 or 5 nights in a beautiful private villa

Truly bespoke - maximum of 8 people

All fitness levels will be catered for

Individual questions are welcome

Private session included

All meals included

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More About The Villa

In Javea (near Denia) in Spain
The Costa Blanca is an area famed for its clear air, mountains, beaches and food.
Nestled on a spiritual mountain within the Montgo National Park
Breath-taking views of sunset

En-suite private rooms available

All bedrooms are air conditioned

Large 8m x 14m infinity pool (no chlorine)

3 Sun decks

* * * *

...a relaxing time to set the foundation for a healthy body

Your Retreat Coach

“I am fascinated by natural human movement. And not just in the way that it can lead to a toned and functional body. When we move well, and mindfully, we increase our sense of grace, physical integrity and inner confidence.”

Danny Bridgeman

I have been teaching in the health and fitness industry for 25 years and have watched all the fads come and go. It's time to get real, ignore false promises and get lasting results.

My passion is to make exercise enjoyable and healthy food delicous.

I have been a martial artist since I was 10. This taught me about discipline, conditioning, mental focus and to respect self and others. I have always trained hard but now in my mid forties I can honestly say that I feel at my best. 

Basically I have turned my nutrition around and follow my own Restore Your Body programme.

I have trained with experts from London to California and my thirst for knowledge in health, fitness and movement science is as strong as ever.

I am a yogi by heart, I play the guitar and the gong and make healthy raw chocolate everyday!

I have put all my trainings and experience together to offer you this retreat...see you there!

Other costs

The retreat includes room, full board and all teachings, however the costs do not include flights or transfers. I can help you organise this.

There are various shared and private room options available. Please contact me for more details

For any queries, please get in touch:

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