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Don't have time to exercise?
Think it's too late to get in shape?
Looking for a new approach to fitness?
Ready for something new...something that gets results?

No more hard slog...long distance cardio has burned itself out. 

Sprint based training (HIIT) provides it all. 

It's the most effective and time efficient training and you just need it once a week.  You'll have the energy you need to sail through life.

The free video is a full length session of 8 x 30 second blasts. Included are fun martial arts style warm-ups and warm-downs. 

Strength Training - It's not about how many or how heavy...

You don't even need a gym. You simply need to train slowly, have good form and include your whole body.

We need a strong body for life's challenges, for sports and for good posture.

This strength video demonstrates how you don't need gym equipment for an effective session.

You'll enjoy a good spinal warm up, then squats, dips, planks and Pilates style ab toning.

Flexibility - The missing yet essential component to balanced fitness

Yes, even a tight body can change. It may take time, but with educated movement your body will respond. 

When you're more supple, your strength training improves, your body is less achey and you have better posture.

This video works a lot on exercises that enhance standing posture. These are great to do on desk-bound days.

Also included are mat exercises for spine, hips and pelvis.

Relaxation - Relief from stress is a breath away

Taking 20 or 30 minutes out of your day can make a huge impact to your stress levels.

Let this guided audio relaxation soothe your body and mind. Simply lie back, hit play and chill.

Are you ready to make a change?

Work out with me for free!