I am fortunate...

At the young age of 10 and
my early 20‘s,
I was a student of an

enlightened master.


The power of this is almost too

great to explain and not something

that was revealed to me at the time.


With time comes change, you could say

wisdom creeps in or maybe we just

get quiet enough to notice what

was always there?


I believe we find our
true power in nature...

in that which flows,
by embracing the cycles of life,
and in the richness 
of this moment.

My role here?

It's to 
help you 
discover and share
your power, your purpose and


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Welcome from Danny

 "I believe that we all have the potential to feel good in our body and experience vitality at any age... we just need to be given the right environment."

When you enter a dojo

(a martial arts training room), you bow.
This is not just a bow to the room
but a bow to your fellow students,
your teachers and perhaps
most significantly to
your inner self.

This is what I am here to help you discover...
a self respect that changes everything.

Your health, the relationship with your body
and many other aspects of your life. 

The result... a renewed vitality for exercise,
everyday life and those around you.

What if every arena you entered
was a dojo, and those present,
potential teachers...

would you be different?
Listen more, care more?


That enlightened master is

Sensei Dave Parker...

founder of TE AT SU martial arts.

His ways inspired a consciousness and
integrity that filters into
my own teachings.

And his moto lives on in many...



Teaching is all I have known...

My local Sensei, Peter Robins used to encourage his students to teach the warm ups. Eventually (when I got my first back belt) he asked me to take on the junior class. A challenge, an honour... a blessing.

Here I was, 15 years old with my first job. This was 1988 and my self employment had begun. 

I have since dedicated over 30 years to teaching and studying the science, fitness and expression of human movement.

It is a vast mix trainings and disciplines that has inspired me to teach. I offer local classes, private sessions, online courses and retreats that aim to help you Restore Your Body, boost your health and raise your Chi.

I never stop learning and don't hold anything back. So whether in person or online you will always receive the best blend of everything I have learned. 

 "One of my main goals is to see you flow."

From techniques of subtle awareness...

and meditative relaxation to effective flexibility, dynamic exercise and martial based fitness, I am here to coach you to a more functional and efficient body.

This in turn can naturally bring enjoyment to everyday movement, grace to exercise and a boost to natural self confidence. Exercise also helps our posture, mood, cognition, sleep, sports performance, detoxification, and even balances our hormones.

Together with smart food choices you have a great recipe for day to day energy and long term health. My goal is that these qualities get so strong that they spill out and inspire those around you. 

 "Look after your body and your body will look after you."

Where am I headed?

Since the late 80's I have witnessed many movement and dietary fads. I feel it's my role to research the best (good) science and deliver it in a realistic way. I am interested in how to strike a balance of primal ways and modern life. 

I will always be a movement coach... it's in my blood and seeing improvements in my clients's power never ceases to amaze me! To deeper my understanding of human function and anatomy I am looking to become a certified Franklin Method educator.

However, in the coming years I can also see my study and work evolving to have a stronger focus on two other areas of health coaching... nutrition and mental wellbeing.

Everyday I listen to one or two podcasts about nutritional and metabolic science and enjoy getting clear about what is fact and what is fad. 

If you can embody the basics of good movement, mindfulness and nutrition then I believe you will enjoy an active and fulfilled life for a long time to come. 


 "How you present your body affects your surroundings, mood, energy and ability to focus".

Professional Background


Te At Su Martial Arts student 1983 – present

1st Dan 1991
2nd Dan 1996
3rd Dan 2008

Farnborough College of Technology, 1989 -1993
BTEC HND Science and Management of Health and Fitness

Diploma in Fitness and Exercise Studies 1991

Diploma in Weights and Gym Instruction 1991

Personal Trainer since 1991

RSA Exercise to music 1993

ITEC Sports Massage Therapist 1993

'Fit to Perform' Spin teacher 1998

NLP Practitioner 1999

Pilates Mat-Work Instructor Teacher Trainer with Michael King - 1999

Multiple courses at The Balanced Body Studio - Chiswick 2000 - 2002

Pilates Mat and Equipment Training under the guidance of Alan Herdman at his London studio and within Grayshott Hall - 2001 - 2003

Aston Pilates Certificate 2003 (see below)

Aston Kinetics 2000 – 2006
Certified Aston-Patterning Practitioner (1 of 4 in the UK)
Aston Pilates, Aston Toning, Aston Facial Fitness

School of Kundalini Yoga (SKY) 2009 – 2010
Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Shakti Dance – June 2014

Gong Practitioners Course – Level 1 & 2
With Mark Swan – Jan 2015

* * * *

Future Trainings

I am planning on updating my nutritional knowledge and also beginning the Franklin Method certification courses. 

* * * *

My insurance is with Balens

* * * *

I currently live in Farnham, Surrey with my wife, Kimba and 2 daughters, Opal and Una. We enjoy a yogic household filled with sacred music, fun exercise, healthy eating, raw chocolate and happiness.


 "When we move well, and mindfully, we increase our sense of grace, physical integrity and inner confidence".


"It has been almost a year since my double knee replacement operation. Without question the greatest improvement in regaining use of my new knees has been through the exercises and massage sessions you have given me. The most significant change of all was after only two sessions I was able to kneel without pain. The ‘creepy’ feeling was gone and my knees actually felt like they used to feel. They have now integrated with the rest of my body. This is exciting and presents all sorts of possibilities for future activities."


"I have worked with Danny on a one to one basis for a couple of years now and my self awareness, confidence, fitness and emotional wellbeing have all been incredibly improved. Danny addresses the whole person. The most important thing about the sessions is that I am constantly learning about myself and not only does that learning help to create a positive feeling during the session but it continues between times. As well as improving physically my whole outlook on life has been enhanced."


"“I have trained with Danny for over 20 years by way of one to one personal training and group classes. He is an inspiring and caring coach with an extensive knowledge of how our bodies are naturally designed to move. With his varied and holistic approach, I have made a 100% improvement in my fitness and general sense of wellbeing. I have lost weight, feel fitter than ever and have achieved a green belt in karate.”"


"I had not been exercising for a long time and was feeling increasingly ground down by my commute. Danny’s constant enthusiasm, knowledge and obvious skill in coaxing people into being more active had an immediate positive effect on my sense of well-being and I can feel the physical improvement since we started five months ago. His techniques and training are easy to put into practice at home and only take up a small amount of time each week. Well worth it."


" “I’ve been training with Danny for over 2 years and this is no ordinary workout! Danny’s sessions cover all aspects…..fitness, strength, motivation, health, diet, flexibility, posture and general wellbeing. I don’t just look and feel great, I stand taller, have more confidence, my posture has vastly improved. All in all I have a better outlook on life.”"


"“I began classes with Danny 12 years ago, after 10 years of chronic back pain. I had very little core strength and could barely manage any of the exercises. Today my core strength is much improved, as is my balance and flexibility. Taking classes twice a week for the past few years has helped even more and they are fun too! I never take this improvement for granted but when I listened to a couple of friends (also in their early 60s) saying they had to lie on the bed to put their socks on, I thought “wow” I can easily balance on one leg and put mine on!”"


"One of the most important things I have learned at Danny Bridgeman’s classes is that my body is precious and that I need to look after it with the right sort of exercise and diet. I don't mind getting older but I do want to be a fitter oldie and able to keep up with my grandchildren! Thank you Danny for giving me a more positive attitude to keeping fit. "


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