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My name is Danny.

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Welcome video from Danny


"I am thoroughly enjoying your Zoom classes and although it was lovely coming to the class and getting a bit of one-to-one, Zoom is still an extremely good way to keep fit. Also, there is the plus side of not having to commute (1/2 hour for me, each way) and I can always use your recorded version if I can't make it to the "live" class. During lockdown it has been so helpful too in helping to keep to a routine and life as normal. Thank you for that. I do hope these classes continue as I shall certainly use them. The benefits are just huge! Thanks again for all your hard work in keeping us going and getting us fitter, stronger, more supple and flexible."






Three live weekly classes in:

Regular guided:

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Details about the three live weekly classes

Class one - Monday's 6pm


This is the dynamic side of exercise... primal, strong, powerful yet doable and enjoyable routines. We use very little equipment, however a pair or two of dumb-bells will come in handy for extra resistance.

The Monday class includes elements of strength, cardio HIIT's and balance challenges. We always warm up and cool down and enjoy a short relaxation at the end.

I encourage you to match your current fitness and therefore never over do it. Depending on your experience and recovery response, these videos can be played once, twice and up to a maximum of three times per week.

We have 3 main focuses:

1 Strength

Our four key focuses with strength training are to move slowly, move consciously, use the whole body as one and to keep good form and composure even through fatigue.

Some of the benefits of strength training exercises:

  • An increase in lean tissue (muscle) or at least a prevention of age related muscle loss (sarcopenia)
  • For a great metabolic health boost (anti-ageing)
  • To spare muscle and help burn unwanted fat during a weight loss programme (which in turn helps reduce inflammation)
  • Increase bone mass to guard against osteoporosis. Especially for upper body weight bearing that most people lack
  • Heart and blood pressure and many other markers of overall health
  • Increase power for all sports/activities 
  • Helps to maintain a good posture with ease
  • To enhance pelvic floor and core strength 
  • Better functional strength to carry objects around the house/garden
  • An unbelievable mood boost
  • An emotional boost, a stronger body can help you feel empowered and more confident
2 Balance

We could call this a sub-set of strength training, but is so subtle that it often get's neglected. As part of developing an effective body, we need to keep up a regular practice of balance. This will help us look after our core tone, connective tissue strength (think nerves, ligaments, fascia) and build our overall proprioception.

When your balance improves, not only are you more confident when out and about, but you should also find that other components of our classes get better. 

3 Cardio (HIIT) training

Within our fitness classes are exercises that improve cardio-vascular and respiratory fitness. This involves short periods of moderate to flat out exercise interspersed with rests.

I love the variety and functionality of body weight speed exercises. This way we can tap into something magic... the combination of strength, speed and agility increases our power!

Some of the benefits of cardio HIIT training:

  • Improved cardio-vascular health
  • Reduces the ageing process by stimulating Human Growth Hormone
  • Time efficient – amazing results in a short period of time 
  • Burns large amounts of calories during and after the workout 
  • It trains and improves our anaerobic and aerobic systems
  • Weight bearing and high impact exercise helps to strengthen bones
  • It burns fat yet builds muscle
  • As with strength training, you engage metabolically active type IIb muscle fibres
  • You are likely to be more productive at work/life following a workout
  • A natural energy boost and mood enhancer – you just feel great after!


A calm mind is available to all...

included with membership are regular downloadable guided audio relaxations and meditations.
Class two - Tuesday's 12pm


Sage's, yogi’s, ancient ones and spiritual folk from many cultures and religions have been meditating for millennia. Some would say that we are meditating all the time that we are present (not lost in thought or acting from beliefs/knowledge). 

There are many terms for the meditative state, such as presence, oneness, flow, awareness, consciousness or simply being.

Put simply, you are experiencing the direct reality of the natural human state. It is not normal to live in stress and fear and meditation allows us to break free from our own self limiting conditioning.

Before long you should begin to experience a sense of peacefulness, expansiveness and body comfort.

"The meditative state is not that elusive, it's actually quite natural and simply involves being aware of what is happening".

As well being more present with yourself and others, a regular practice of meditation can lead to:

  • Better relationship with body
  • Management of stress
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved cognition
  • General health boost
  • More balanced emotions
  • An over-all sense of self fulfilment

You simply need to get yourself comfortable and listen to the guided audio experience. The sessions are usually around 20 minutes.

"My primary goals are that you begin to feel a positive shift in your overall energy and that you reach, even surpass your goals"

Class three - Thursday's 10am


We don't need much equipment for these classes, however I do recommended using a good mat (at least 6mm but up to 10mm). 

These videos dedicate time to the subtle side of movement. The exercises are relatively easy, enjoyable and you should feel comfortable, relaxed and more present after the class. We take a different mental approach to the dynamic 'Fitness' sessions and offer a time to listen to our body, develop flexibility and in time discover great posture.

Things we cover in a typical 30 minute class of 'Mobility' include joint releasing, muscle/connective tissue stretching, postural exercises, desk and daily life ergonomics and body sensing.

These videos are gentle enough to do everyday and actually help speed recovery and improve efficiency for the fitness sessions. The live video will always be uploaded to the library within a couple of hours.

In time you should notice your posture improve, aches and pains subside, capacity for chores in daily life improve, all the while reducing the likelihood of future injury. 

Notes on Posture

Our goal is that good posture becomes so natural and efficient that you don't even have to think about it... you simply find yourself walking, sitting and working-out with good alignment.

When your postural flexibility and body awareness are heightened, you can easily adapt you're stance to suit the moment. This is part of discovering your own awareness and integrity. 

A whole category dedicated to 'Mind'

Discover deep relaxation, learn about mindfulness and enjoy guided meditations 

Stress is a funny old thing... without it, we would wither very quickly, yet too much and we can get injured or inflamed. As with so much in life, it's all about striking a balance.

In the right dose, stress can help us to grow and develop on many levels. However, high levels of stress that are unmanaged and especially when prolonged, can seriously affect our physical and mental health.

Conscious relaxation is deeply rewarding and something I recommend as a regular practice (even daily).

On top of this, I believe the secret to becoming more peaceful lies within the seeing and then management of stress that from day to day life.

Each week we have a live meditation but you can also access (on demand) many guided relaxation and mindfulness practices (currently 25) under the category of MIND.


What others are saying about the Dojiva Studio

"When lockdown began we were very sad to lose our weekly classes with you as we feel these keep us mobile and flexible and able to do all that we want. We have however been delighted with the new membership site. The ‘live’ classes have a really personal feel which we like but with the advantage that if we can’t make them live they are available later. Then we have the access to other courses as well as your excellent advice on nutrition and even meditation guidance. It is great - thank you so much for all you have put into this."


"I really like the comprehensive package of the Dojiva online programme. Whole body fitness is catered for with fitness classes which include HIIT workouts as well as mobility classes, more concerned with stretching and balancing, for suppleness and core strength. I very much like the emphasis on overall body health and the inclusion of advice on diet, especially recommendations on what and when to eat for optimum fitness, which also introduces the concept of intermittent fasting. I have enjoyed a live class very much but also value the archived classes for the opportunity to repeat at leisure. All very much appreciated!"


"For those who wear spectacles all the time you’ll find Danny’s sessions are so descriptive you won’t need to wear them. Great sessions. Thank you Danny "


"We have found the content, presentation and background setting of the on-line classes to be excellent. There is the bonus of being able to replay the video at any time for those who can't make the 'live' class. Also, there is the convenience of no travelling involved, nor parking. When lockdown began, we were concerned that we would be missing our weekly fitness sessions but the Dojiva Studio has proved to be a great solution. We are fitter for it!"

Peter and Lee

"I've been impressed that the on-line classes are nearly as good as the face to face sessions. I prefer to do it live because you still give a good level of interaction, but I have used the classes at my convenience and that also works well. I've been resisting the chocolate section of your web site but my will is not strong enough to do it for much longer!!!"


"During the body sensing awareness I have identified two pieces of information; one has significantly changed my overall health and the other is work in progress...I can’t speak highly enough of Danny’s approach to overall well-being"


"Having access to Danny’s ONLINE classes has exceeded my expectations. As a novice to Zoom ‘meetings’, I initially felt a bit intimidated, but I am enjoying both the Exercise and Meditation sessions, and a bonus - I am now more tech savvy! The benefits of Online classes are: * the convenience of being at home with no travel involved * exercises appropriate for all levels of ability clearly demonstrated * accessibility to replay lessons during the week * Danny’s style of instruction and “listen to your body” philosophy "


"I’ve followed Danny since the beginning, doing the Monday class the following morning as the time suits me better, then I am able to go at my own pace, and go back to previous recordings where I can select more suitable exercises. Thursday is a joy and I certainly feel more relaxed and flexible. I think it’s the discipline that helps me follow the classes, knowing that it’s live and can sometimes get a glimpse of our Dojiva friends."


"Thank you for your classes. I have been enjoying your online offering and it works in terms of fitting it into whatever else is happening. I truly love the way you create an holistic movement philosophy to our work. It fits my body and mind."


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Membership includes:

Live classes
Archived content
Health living tips
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