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Danny on anti-aging

"If you follow the basic Dojiva lifestyle principles, you can not only slow the aging process but reverse it".

This 5 minute video explains more.

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Welcome from Danny


This is a great place to put your CTA that you have been building towards in your video.

"To make fundamental and lasting changes to our health we just need to return basics."

"I was only 10 years old when I first stepped into the dojo. Even to this day, the discipline, mental focus, conditioning, confidence and respect that I leaned from martial arts still form the basis of my teachings.

You could say, I learned to take care of myself, which on some level is what I want for you. That you find practical ways to support your mind, body and future health. 

I am predominantly a movement teacher offering private sessions, group classes, online videos, corporate work and retreats.

I focus on fitness, posture, functional movement and relaxation. Sessions range from the subtlety of body awareness and meditation to HIIT and martial fitness.

I have learned that being fit and healthy is part of an on going process and that change takes time. The key is to begin now and enjoy the journey.

I want to share my knowledge and experience to help you develop and maintain a body that is functional, graceful and healthy... a body you enjoy waking up to everyday.

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Where chocolate becomes health food

Click below to find out about my two online recipe resources. I have a FREE 6 recipe web-book and an online course with 20 recipes, lifestyle tips and videos to help keep you and your family healthy and nourished.


Five Online Courses

Move with me anywhere, anytime.

The Optimal Office Body - £50

Let's face it, most of spend way too much time working, shopping and surfing on our computers. 

The best way to maintain a good posture is to get your ergonomic set-up just right? 

My latest course has 15 videos to aid your spine, posture and movement mechanics whilst in the office.

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Basic Movement Series - £20

I have produced this mini course for those who want to get their body moving but are not sure where to start.

You maybe out of shape as you begin this programme, but before long you will start to notice an improvement in balance, flexibility, posture, strength, movement confidence and general energy levels.

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Flexibility For Men - 7 part series - £35

Fitness comes in many forms.

This course takes care of the most overlooked component of all... flexibility.

This 7 part video series offers a totally new approach to stretching. 

The result... less tension, better sports performance, an easier posture and more vitality.

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Restore Your Body - 8 week programme - £65

Let's face it, it's too easy to let yourself go.

As years and decades roll by, your weight creeps up, your joints don't work as well, your energy levels drop, you're more stressed than ever and all of a sudden, you're taking medicine.

I have a message for you...

"It's not over!"

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Spine Care - 3 part video series - £45

Do you feel like back pain is restricting your life? Are you looking for both immediate relief and lasting results?

This video series is here to help you turn your life around. And it's more than just a workout.

I inlcude postural education, daily movement coaching and guided relaxations to reduce stress.

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