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Strategies I would adopt to gain (fat) weight and become obese

May 10, 2020

What a strange title coming for a health coach. And why would anybody want to gain fat weight? Hold on please. I am taking a reverse approach to get a message across. Please read on and I'll explain all.

[5 minute read]. Humans have been evolving for a long long time. And, we have always been lean... even up to the 1970's it was unusual to see many people over-weight.

Then came some poor, agenda driven dietary science about how fats are bad for our health and that we should replace them with carbs. And the fats we do eat should come in the form of highly processed and inflammatory poly unsaturated fats (industrial seed oils) and we should avoid natural saturated fats. Also, food scientists engineered a magic combination of sugar, salt and fat that could make food highly addictive (enter processed foods). 

It seems we may have taken advice from food companies that do not have our health in mind. Rather they want you to buy their...

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My four concepts of movement

May 02, 2020

Welcome to this blog. I have taken these writings directly from the Dojiva Online Studio. I feel it's important reading for all those that are new to me or have purchased my courses but have not yet signed up for the monthly membership.

Please read on for my four concepts of movement:

1. Honour Your Body

Before and during each of our workouts you will notice periods of guided stillness. This is your continuous opportunity to listen to the physical facts of the moment. 

Listening to your body in the moment of any exercise will not only improve your safety and efficiency but also guide you to the right intensity. Sensing is your ultimate guide.

So, how often and intense you exercise is governed by the reaction of your body. Just keep listening. This extends beyond formal workouts and is true for healthy eating patterns and even chores around the house/garden.

And this is not a linear phenomenon and dependent on sleep, stress, food, metabolism,...

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