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Dojiva Fitness & Flow

Kundalini Yoga & White Shell Yoga

Sacred Dance & Sound Workshops

Raw Chocolate Guru Socials

Private Sessions


Designed for your optimal health, this class has the following benefits:

- Better flexibility
- Maintain muscle tissue
- Improved posture/physique
- Increased energy levels
- Weight management
- Better balance
- Metabolic health
- Hormonal health
- Heart health
- Bone strength
- Improved sports performance
- A reduction of stress
- Self awareness

For ultimate results attend twice a week.

Support your exercise with a good diet and you'll have the vitality you need to sail through life.

Full class schedule below

 “I am fascinated by natural human movement.

And not just in the way that it can build a toned and functional body, but how it can heal old injuries and bring enjoyment and purpose to a person’s life...

Let's make exercise fun, effective and efficient"

Dojiva Fitness & Flow - Full Description


The first 10 minutes sets the foundation of the class. We move slowly, with body awareness and breathing exercises to release tension, find a more neutral posture and prepare for the more dynamic side of the class.


Fast moving exercise (HIIT) is the most effective and time efficient training for metabolic and heart health. (HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training). 

This cardio-vascular aspect of the class really is for everybody. Whether you are completely new or have lots of experience, you will get the support and guidance you need. Some people will exercise hard and fast and others will take it more easily. It all depends on your short term and long term history. Again, you will always be guided by your instructor and your body to the appropriate intensity for that moment. 

On most classes, we enjoy around four x 30 second HIITS (fun, intense but short bursts of exercise) with active rest and breathing intervals. If this week's class does involve HIITS, including 90 second rest periods, we allow a maximum of 10 minutes.


Throughout each class we spend around 15 minutes on a focused routine of slow, functional strength training. This is not about how many lifts you do or how heavy a weight... you simply need to train slowly, have good form and move with your whole body.

We need a strong physique for life's challenges, for sports and for good posture. Some weeks will be geared more towards the upper body and others, the lower body. We always exercise our torso for back and abdominal conditioning and perform the subtle side of strength... balance training.


We dedicate about 15 minutes of our time to flexibility exercises. We use light stretching techniques, joint loosening, postural exercises and 4 different types of self massage balls. 

The suppleness side of our class really supports all the other aspects. In time, you will find your strength training improves, your posture gets better, any tension reduces and your sense of balance is enhanced. 


The last 5 - 10 minutes are for relaxation. This begins the recovery from exercise and allows your whole nervous system to rest and reset. It is a calming and nurturing time for your body and mind.

"As well as the above listed benefits, my primary goal for you is that you begin to increase your sense of body connection. And that your movements in daily life have sense of integrity and flow."


Class Schedule

All bookings in writing to [email protected]


Dojiva Fitness & Flow

10.15am - 11.15am

6.30pm - 7.30pm

7.45pm - 8.45pm


Dojiva Fitness & Flow

9.30am - 10.30am

10.45am - 11.45am

6.30pm - 7.30pm

7.45pm - 8.45pm


Dojiva Fitness & Flow

9.30am - 10.30am

10.45am - 11.45am 


Kundalini Yoga

9am - 10.30am

(separate venue tbc)

Dojiva Fitness & Flow

This class will run on some weeks, please contact Danny.

10.45am - 11.45am



Kundalini Yoga is accessible to all as a way to lift your spirit, release old patterns that hold you back, and connect to your heart.
The benefits are numerous from improved breath capacity, a clearer mind, a stronger body, healthier organs, and a deeper sense of peace and awareness.
Classes include exercises, mantras, meditation, breathing, philosophy and relaxation.
We offer weekly classes, workshops and musical events to raise the awareness and practice of this beautiful form of yoga.
Meditation cushions are provided, however please bring a mat and you might like to bring some water and a blanket.


For most people, Dojiva type exercise sessions are best taken twice per week.

Maximum of 11 people per Dojiva class (13 for yoga).

  • If you do take two or more classes per week for a calendar month, classes are at £9. A sample calendar month of eight classes will cost £72.
  • If you would rather exercise one time per week, simply choose your best day and time. (I trust that you will keep active at least one more time during the week)! Classes are then at £12 so a sample monthly course will cost £48.
  • We offer flexibility with missing dates. If organised prior to the coming month, then you can opt out (and not pay) for one class (and opt out of two classes for those taking two classes per week).  
  • Due to 5 week months and bank holidays, the monthly price will vary.
  • If you are likely to miss more than one of the classes in any given month, it will be better to pay the one off price of £14.
  • More info and pricing options on the policies page...

For full policies, bookings and payment details, please click below:


New to this type of exercise?

It’s ok if you're not in your greatest tone or flexibility right now, we can guide you every step of the way. Change takes time but when you start to feel great in your body and your health begins to shine, you’ll know that it is worth it.

The weekly classes, seminars and workshops will help you learn about the basics of what it takes to live a healthy life and create a body you enjoy.

Small class numbers and experienced instructors allow exercises to be modified for those with present injuries/limitations. However, it is advised to begin with a private session. Please get in touch with any questions - [email protected]

"Effective exercise combines science, natural movement and inner wisdom"

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