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What makes the Guru's chocolate different?

You may have heard that raw chocolate is good for you. But have you looked at what goes in to most of the recipes out there?

Many are using way too many dates and also controversial sweeteners such as agave, maple syrup and honey.

Raw Chocolate Guru recipes are different. It's not just about what goes in... it's about what doesn't go in. All recipes are not only low in sugar, but free from grain, gluten, dairy, agave and soy.

Yet, they are loaded with energy boosting ingredients that are high in fibre, good fats, protein, pre-biotics and anti-oxidants; coconut oil, nuts, seeds, raw yacon syrup, raw cacao and berries. 

This above is an ideal combination if you follow a low carb, ketogenic or diabetic diet.

Danny Bridgeman

Fitness coach, functional movement expert, martial artist, guitar playing yogi, family man and raw chocolate guru.

In 2009 I took a Kundalini Yoga teacher training course. This enhanced my life in many ways, but above all I woke up to riches of healthy eating.

My diet went from generally quite healthy to being based on body and soul nourishing superfood.

I have found that our diet is our power... it's our health insurance, it's our fitness results and it's the ultimate way of demonstrating self kindness.

£14.99 - What you get

This is an interactive manual for healthy living with 20 original recipes. After purchase, you simply sign in with your email and password to access the information from any computer, tablet or smart phone... anywhere in the world.

And there's an 'app' to follow this year!

Within these recipes, there any many variations and sub recipes for you to explore. You can make comments beneath each page and I have already uploaded five videos.

Each recipe has a printable PDF. I also have chapters about where to buy ingredients, equipment needed and my philosophy on sweeteners. New pages are being written about interment fasting, how to 'go keto' with chocolate and about finding freedom with food.

The tag line is 'share the bliss'. My vision is that you make these recipes and give them as treats to your family, friends and colleagues.

I'm encouraging you to become a health enlightener to those around you!

You can turn all these photos into reality!

50 books now sold!

I am thrilled to announce that we did it, and in only 3 months. 100% of the proceeds have been donated to The Elizabeth Foundation - £399.50.

Our daughter Una was born deaf and wears cochlear implants to help her hear and speak. She loves Daddy's healthy chocolate and often helps me make it.

Now 4, she is in her second and final year at The Elizabeth Foundation. We are forever grateful to the amazing team for giving Una such a great start on her hearing journey.

20% of all sales will forever go to this charity.

The Elizabeth Foundation

The Elizabeth Foundation is a national charity supporting infants and pre-school children with hearing loss and their families. It helps babies and children with all degrees of hearing loss learn to listen and speak. It does this by providing pre-school education services at its Family Centre, along with help, support and advice for families all over the UK.

Raw Chocolate Guru

Your guide to raw chocolate making, health and happiness


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My philosophy on sweeteners

Intermittent fasting

'Going keto'

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