The Optimal Office Body


What your spine has been aching for

Let these 15 videos and 5 audios help give you postural support, movement confidence and resiliency at work.

  • What if you could reduce or even eliminate back pain?
  • How would it be to feel refreshed at the end of a working day?
  • And what if you were able to stay focused and keep cool under pressure.

Reducing pain, energising your mind and increased productivity are just some of the benefits you can enjoy by taking this course.

Welcome video from Danny 


Course content


Work station and self assessment

7 videos

Posture and spine release

3 videos

Exercise routines

5 videos

Guided Meditations 

5 audios

It's all in the ergonomics

Just like health care, prevention is always best. You don't have to start with back pain to enjoy this course. To prevent spinal stiffness from poor posture you need a good ergonomic set-up.

With this in place, you will feel more energised and better focused. And I believe that you can not only heal postural injuries and physical tension, but prevent future episodes. 

Yes you can feel energised at work!

With right posture, frame of mind and office set up, it soon becomes normal to feel energised during the day.

To further enhance your energy, this product includes a bonus category with three mini workouts. 

Screen time, whether seated or standing can consume you and take you away from your body (which happens to be your greatest reference point for the here and now).

Let these short routines help you re-connect with your body. 


More movement videos

As well as the personal assessment, ergonomic and mini workout videos, you also have access to six further movement routines.

These cover; neutralising your posture, easing of spine, gym ball stretches and videos to help release tension from hips and shoulders.

These short videos not only help you look after your body, but give you a much needed break from thinking.

These short sessions offer a vital interruption to the typical working day and you should notice your tension levels drop, presence levels rise so you return to work with a renewed vigour! 

What about mental stress?

It's not just your ergonomic set up, perfect posture and movement that support your productivity, let these five guided meditations help keep your mind clear and to re-focus your attention after a stressful moment.

There will inevitably be moments in your day where you get thrown off track... a customer complaint, a difficult meeting, a looming deadline, an appraisal, etc... what happens?

Stress starts to build.

It's natural and channelled well, pressure can help produce great work. However, stress is not something you want sustained. 

The rapid ability to 'spring back', think clearly and regain focus are markers for productivity.

The practice of mindfulness and meditation while at work can help douse the negative affects of stress and prevent future negative reactions.


Ok, there you have it.

The Optimal Office Body

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