The exercise paradigm has shifted

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Flexibility For Men

Fitness comes in many forms.

This course takes care of the most overlooked component of all...flexibility.

This 7 part video series offers a totally new approach to stretching. 

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The result...less tension, better sports performance and more vitality.

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Your Coach...
Danny Bridgeman

Fitness coach, functional movement expert, martial artist, guitar playing yogi, family man and raw chocolate guru.

I know that being fit and healthy is part of a whole and connected life. I also know that lasting changes take time. The key is to begin now and enjoy the journey.

I was only 10 years old when I first stepped into the dojo. Even to this day, the discipline, mental focus, conditioning and respect still form the basis of my teachings.

Locally to my home, online and at retreats I want to share my knowledge and experience about how to create and maintain a healthy body. 

Thank you for reading, I look forward to meeting you soon. 

Restore Your Body
Health Retreats
Javea - Spain

 Returning Spring 2018

Private villa, limited numbers, amazing scenery...please join me on this opportunity to turn your health around.

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Other Online Courses

Restore Your Body - 8 week programme

Let's face it, it's too easy to let yourself go.

As years and decades roll by, your weight creeps up, your joints don't work as well, your energy levels drop, you're more stressed than ever and all of a sudden, you're taking medicine.

I have a message for you...

"It's not over!"

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Spine Care - 3 part video series

Do you feel like back pain is restricting your life? Are you looking for both immediate relief and lasting results?

This video series is here to help you turn your life around. And it's more than just a workout.

I inlcude postural education, daily movement coaching and guided relaxations to reduce stress.

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